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What We Do

We believe that improving sustainable health outcomes requires considering how dynamic, complex systems interact. To address health inequities at the core, it is critical to put aside vertical, linear cause-and-effect patterns in favor of an approach that acknowledges the multiple variables at play. Integrated approaches are essential as the world’s health systems are being challenged by the rise in chronic diseases and the persistence of infectious threats. The Alliance for Global Health Innovation’s work is to address the root cause of public health inequities. We are working to impact and improve public health and human development by:

  • Collaborating with other organizations in research seeking to discover innovative ways to improve public health and human development.

  • Forge cross-sector strategic partnerships to develop solutions that integrate science and policy.

  • Convene thought leaders and technical experts.

  • Disseminate information, raise awareness, and encourage discussion, collaboration, and action.

  • Embed solutions into the very fabric of national health strategies.

  • Identify opportunities to advance integrative and innovative public health solutions beyond simple fixes.